Bakery - Pasticceria
The mediterranean brings delicious and nutritious produce to our table and has done so for hundreds of year. We believe you can enjoy a treat provided the products are fresh, use high quality ingredients and are free of any preservatives and additives. Embracing extra virgin olive oil and forgotten flours, we create mouth watering baked goods.

Signorelli is an italian inspired artisan bakery and coffee shop based in the Queen Elizabeth Park E20. While watching our bakers in action through the glass window you can enjoy our freshly baked goods and all day brunch in our relaxing café accomapanied by an exellent italian coffee or a prosecco cocktail.

Using traditional methods and forgotten flours, our breads, pastries and cakes are handmade everyday. We also strive to reduce excess butter, sugar and salt in our recipes without taking away the fantastic taste of baked goods thus inhancing the flavours.

We offer the large choice from our indulgent savoury and sweet counter or from our kitchen menu (open until 3pm) Our  brunch menu is served with our house made artisan bread straight from the oven, should also hit the spot! Don't miss our exeptional afternoon tea and aperitivo available daily. 

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Gluten free, sugar free and dairy free options are available. Soya, almond, oat or coconut milk are available.